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51 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids [+ Printable]

This post was updated in November 2019.

“What are some good snack ideas for kids?”

This is truthfully one of the most frequent questions I am asked in my private practice.

Given the rate of snacking in children in the U.S., it’s no wonder parents are looking for healthy, fresh ideas.

In the course of my career, I’ve written many, many snack lists for many, many children and their families.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

The Advantages of a Good Snack List

The truth is, we all tend to gravitate to the same old, same old when it comes to snacks and snacking.

Chips, crackers, cookies, maybe the occasional apple…

With the recent New York Times article describing the addictive nature of junk food, I thought it would be helpful to brainstorm a snack list you can use for your kids.

A snack idea list is a great thing for many reasons:

1. It Creates New Snack Ideas for Kids

You and your child can see the possibilities for yummy and nutritious snacks.

Having a snack list allows your child to see he doesn’t have to go for chips, cookies and crackers all the time.

2. It Increases Snack Food Variety

The more snack ideas for kids, the more food variety you can offer.

And, more variety means more nutrition.

3. It Gives Your Child a Choice

Many of my families use my 51 Snack Ideas for Kids snack list to let their child decide which snacks he wants for the week.

A child can simply circle the snacks that sound good to eat.  

Healthy After School Snacks

The scramble after school for good snacks is real.

When kids come home, they’re hungry.

Sometimes they are hangry.

Many kids need a snack break before they take on the chore of homework.

Other kids are re-fueling with healthy snacks before they head out for sports practice.

Regardless of what your child is doing after school, having some healthy options at the ready helps everyone.

The alternative?

Not having a game plan for snacks and watching your child raid the pantry, the fridge, or have a meltdown.

No bueno.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids Printable

I’ve created a printable you can download.

Have your child run through these snack ideas and circle the ones that seem enticing.

Then, include some of the snack ideas on your grocery list for the weekly shopping.

You’ll soon get a sense of what your child likes and can keep a rotation of healthy snacks in your weekly meal plan.

Grab this list of 51 Snack Ideas for Kids! 

51 snack ideas for kids printable

What’s your favorite snack to serve your kiddos?

Need More Help with Snacks?

Check out my Sports Snack List and my Healthy Snack Planner for Kids!

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  1. This is a great resource for me at my WIC office to give to moms who need ideas for healthy snacks to give their kids. Thank you so much!!