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51 Snack Ideas for Kids

“What are some good snack ideas for kids?”

This was one of the most frequent questions I was asked when operating my private practice. I wrote many, many lists of “snack ideas” for many, many families.

Truth is, we all tend to gravitate to the same old, same old when it comes to snacks and snacking.

With the recent New York Times article about the addictive nature of junk food, I thought it would be helpful to brainstorm a list of snack ideas you can use for your kids.

This list is generated to help you see the possibilities–that you don’t have to go for chips, cookies and crackers all the time and that meal foods in smaller portions make quite a satisfying snack.

And, there is quite a variety that can be offered–from soup to nuts, in fact!

Check out this list of 51 Snack Ideas for Kids and make sure to download it for your refrigerator or kitchen. Your kids can make choices by looking at this list!

51 snack ideas for kids printableWhat’s your favorite snack to serve your kiddos?

Need More Help?

Check out my Sports Snack List and my Healthy Snack Planner for Kids!

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  1. This is a great resource for me at my WIC office to give to moms who need ideas for healthy snacks to give their kids. Thank you so much!!