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32 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Coming up with healthy breakfast ideas may be the achilles heel of the modern day parent. You don’t want to be repetitive with food items every morning, yet you have to be practical too.

Plus, there’s always those erratic taste buds.

Do you ever get into a breakfast rut?

32 healthy breakfast ideas printable

You may be in a rut if you buy and offer the same breakfast foods day in and day out, even if they are healthy breakfast items.

Sometimes my kids get in a cereal rut.

Or sometimes I get in a Greek yogurt rut, eating the same breakfast foods over and over!

Varying the food items offered at breakfast is a terrific way to get the range of nutrients your child needs to grow and be healthy. After all, you do want to get the day started “right.

Breakfast is a great way to do so.

You don’t have to rotating something new every day, but you do want to include some variety throughout the week.

I’ve come up with 32 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids to spur your creativity and help you get out of the breakfast rut.

The best part of this little printable? Have your child scroll through and circle or highlight the healthy breakfast ideas that sound good to him!

Try these healthy breakfast ideas to keep variety and interest up while keeping health a top priority—there’s an idea for each day of the month! (plus one for good measure…)

For those of you who love to print out these lists and post them for inspiration, you can find a printable copy of these healthy breakfast ideas here.

What is your child’s favorite breakfast?

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