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Fast & Nutritious Breakfast Recipes for Young Athletes

A daily breakfast helps your young athlete start the day right, setting the fueling cycle for the day and helping athletic performance.

Learn how to plan and execute fast & nutritious breakfasts so your athlete gets the most out of the morning meal. End the “I’m not hungry” excuse and capitalize on grab-n-go options that are healthy and satisfying!

Fast & Nutritious Breakfast Recipes for Youth Athletes

Want your young athlete to eat breakfast?

Quickly learn HOW breakfast influences athletic and academic performance, including WHICH food and nutrient combinations satisfy your athlete best. 

Get creative with 17 healthy and fast breakfast recipes and inspired with over 25 healthy breakfast combination ideas!

Fast & Nutritious Breakfast Recipes for Young Athletes will deliver:

  • 17 wholesome, nutritious, and fast breakfast recipes
  • 28 breakfast combinations
  • Which key foods make up a healthy breakfast
  • The nutrients that best fuel your athlete
  • No more excuses!

YES! I Need Help with Breakfast Recipes!

 Every young athlete needs to start the day out right. They need to fuel up early so they can set the fueling routine for the day.

In this guide, I combine my pediatric nutrition training with the realities of being a mom to young athletes. I outline the basic benefits of breakfast for the young athlete. You will learn how to serve up fast and healthy breakfasts that get your athlete out the door on time without sacrificing flavor or this important meal.

Better yet, your athlete will enjoy eating breakfast and reap the benefits of being well-fueled — better athletic performance!

This Breakfast Guide offers 17 healthy and nutritious breakfast recipes and over 25 breakfast combinations to spur your creativity and  your athlete’s food variety.