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Breakfast Ideas for Kids [Printable List]

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Healthy breakfast ideas for kids: The achilles heel of the modern-day parent. You don’t want to be repetitive with food items every morning, yet you have to be practical too.

Try these healthy breakfast ideas to keep variety and interest up while keeping health a top priority—there’s an idea for each day of the month! (plus one for good measure…)

Egg in a Hole
Egg Sandwich
★Poached egg on toast
★Scrambled egg, turkey bacon, whole grain English muffin
★Oatmeal with fresh fruit (mix in flax for a nutritional boost)
★Oatmeal Muffin, low fat chocolate milk
★Banana bread spread with cream cheese, 100% juice
★Cream of Wheat, made with milk, topped with chopped dried cherries
★Shredded Wheat type Cereal with blueberries, low fat milk
★Granola and berries, low fat milk
★Granola bar, milk, apple
★Dry “square type” cereal tossed with dried fruit, side of milk
★Flaked cereal topped with sunflower seeds, raisins, and milk
★Yogurt parfait: layer yogurt, crispy rice cereal and berries
★Greek style yogurt and fresh fruit and handful of walnuts
★Yogurt stick and granola clusters (or dry cereal)
★Pancakes with heated fruit jam spread on top
Homemade Frozen Yogurt popsicle
★Bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon or sliced tomato
★Graham crackers, Nutella spread, sliced banana
★Whole grain toast, butter or olive oil spread, jam
★Whole grain toast, apple butter and cinnamon
★Ham, cheese, & croissant sandwich
★Waffle, fruit and syrup
★Waffle, nut butter, sliced banana as a sandwich
★Waffle “fingers”, fruited yogurt for dipping
★Tortilla, nut butter, banana roll up (spread nut butter on tortilla and lay
peeled banana on top and wrap!)
★Tortilla, hazelnut chocolate butter “crepe” with side of strawberries
★Fruit smoothies (frozen fruit, plain or vanilla yogurt, low fat milk or 100%
★PB and fresh fruit sandwich
★Mini-Bagel with PB and jam
★Dinner leftovers!

Do you ever get in a breakfast rut? You may be in a rut if you buy and offer the same breakfast foods day in and day out, even if they are healthy items.

You don’t have to be rotating something new every day, but you do want to include some variety throughout the week. Use this list of breakfast ideas for kids to spur more nutritious foods in your child’s diet.

Try This! Have your child scroll through and circle or highlight the healthy breakfast ideas that sound good!

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