Confidently Feed Your Child with ADHD  

and Nourish Your Child for Better Attention, Behavior and Growth (without wacky diets, power struggles or dramatic meltdowns) 

If you’re a mom or dad looking to improve your child’s weight, growth, behavior and attention, then you probably already know you need to get your nutrition ducks in a row

So I’ll spare you the lecture.

No need to tell you something that’s already on your mind…every. single. day. After all, you probably KNOW that kids who get proper nutrition -- day in and day out-- grow well, have the right amount of energy (not too little or too much), and can function in their daily tasks. You’ve probably also heard the growing emphasis on nutrition for kids with ADHD…and perhaps got wind of the hyped-up cure-alls, experimental diets, magic potions and…well, empty promises.  


Even if you’re lucky enough to have a great treatment team, a plan for learning and behavior management, or an effective medication regimen, kids with ADHD almost always have some underlying nutrition challenge:

1. Kids with ADHD aren’t always eating the best diet.  

Even if you eventually get your child to eat, you might struggle to get him to eat healthy food. Added to this, your child may not be hungry when you’d expect him to be…or, really hungry at inconvenient times. It’s not uncommon to see an unpredictable and fluctuating appetite, extreme pickiness, and food refusal, especially those foods you know he should be eating. And that crazy hunger? That can lead to craving (and eating) too many sweets and junk food. 

2. Kids with ADHD don’t always grow well.  

Some kids with ADHD struggle to gain weight, barely meeting expected growth each year, while others carry extra weight from overeating or eating too many unhealthy foods. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of children with ADHD are underweight. Many are normal weight, or even overweight. But this doesn’t mean they are getting the right nutrition. 

3. Kids with ADHD aren’t always the picture of health. 

Does your child get sick often? Is she tired, or restless? It’s not uncommon for kids with ADHD to have nutrient deficiencies, contributing to fatigue, sleep problems, brain fog, and distractibility. Some children may react negatively to food components, which may worsen their impulsivity, and ability to behave and focus.

4. When kids with ADHD aren’t well nourished, their ADHD symptoms may get worse.  

For a child with ADHD to truly pay attention, behave, learn and grow, he needs a solid nutrition plan that optimizes food and nutrients, promotes positive feeding interactions at mealtime, and encourages optimal growth. Why? Because a well-nourished child is able to fully reap the benefits of medication. 

Even though the reasons to nourish your child the best you can are completely obvious, the reality of actually getting your child to eat well is incredibly challenging.

Nourish and feed my child well? Of course!  

But, how do I actually do this?  

You need a nutrition plan for kids with ADHD that uses the science to improve their eating, and practical strategies to successfully feed them.  

Perhaps you’ve tried a nutrition intervention in the past. You’ve scanned the Facebook groups for parents of kids with ADHD, picked up a few tips, tried them on, and found they fell flat with your child.  

You’ve read books and blog posts, listened to podcasts, and chatted with friends who are in the same boat, hoping to hear a new pearl of wisdom you can use right now.  

Maybe you’ve signed up for a group class, or a program at your health care facility, telling yourself the medical model must have the answers.  

But even with all these efforts (and your heart-in-the-right-place intentions), you find yourself in the exact same spot: frustrated with your child and his ADHD, stressed with meals and snacks, scrambling to catch up to your child’s hunger, policing food, worrying about gaps in nutrition and poor eating.  

So many parents of children with ADHD feel a whole other level of stress (and let’s be real: sometimes it’s crippling) around feeding their child.  

The antidote to that stress? A solid nutrition and feeding plan back by science, and steeped in practicality.  


As a pediatric dietitian for over 27 years and a mom to four wonderful kids, I have a lot of insight, experience, and wisdom to share. I’ve been in the weeds with feeding and raising healthy kids.  

The ADHD Diet for Kids program is a result of my extensive work with ADHD children, the nutrition science as we know it today, and my experience with real families who bravely navigate nutrition and ADHD every day.  

As an author, speaker and consultant, my “why” is to empower parents like you to be better at nourishing their children, from selecting a nutritious balance of foods to feeding with positive, effective strategies so you raise children who are healthy, inside and out.  

I’ve written four books: Try New Food: How to Help Picky Eaters Taste, Eat & Like New Foods, The Smart Mom's Guide to Starting Solids, Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School and Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete, as well as several other books about food, nutrients, feeding and more.  

I am a nutrition advisor to several privately-owned child-focused companies, regularly contribute to US News & World Report For Parents blog, and sit on the Board of Advisors to Parents magazine.  

Want to get in on a dirty little secret?

No matter what approach you’ve tried in the past, the real success comes from taking a refreshingly NEW approach to nourishing the child with ADHD: A whole child, integrated approach to nutrition, which targets all aspects of feeding kids with ADHD, including food and nutrients, feeding strategies, and troubleshooting techniques.  

The ADHD Diet for Kids helps you balance food, eliminate food sensitivities, target inadequate nutrients, and feed with love and limits so your child improves in all areas, including attention, behavior, learning, growth and overall health.  

The quick road to frustration and failure?  

Focusing solely on getting your child to eat the right food.  

Even though food is an important piece of nourishing kids with ADHD, it’s not the whole enchilada.  

Yes, kids with ADHD need nutrient-rich food, but if you can’t get them to eat it…well, forget any positive benefits from food!  

However, if you can weave food and feeding together, you can have amazing results.  

Results that pay off big time for your child.  

The key ingredient to all of this is an integrated, whole child approach to nutrition for kids with ADHD. And with your permission, that’s what I’d love to introduce to you.  

“My daughter refused breakfast and wouldn’t eat lunch at school. With Jill’s guidance, I learned what she could eat and why it was important. Jill helped greatly reduce her nausea in the mornings and improved her energy level for sports after school.” ~ Mary, CT

Introducing The ADHD Diet for Kids  

Feed Your Child for Better Attention, Behavior & Growth

Jill Castle has been featured in:

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from the research and working with families and children with ADHD and funneled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program that not only teaches you WHAT to feed your child, but HOW to do it in the most effective and positive manner. The ADHD Diet for Kids program is a whole-child, integrated approach using nourishing food, nurturing feeding strategies and detective-like interventions to correct common nutrition challenges. The ADHD Diet for Kids is no flash-in-the-pan fad diet – this program gets to your child’s core nutrition and feeding issues and helps you solve them. The end result: A healthy child who THRIVES in the world.  

The ADHD Diet for Kids

Is the first program of its kind that…

ADDRESSES FOOD BALANCE WITH AN EYE ON NUTRIENTS SO THAT YOUR CHILD GETS THE NUTRITION HE NEEDS TO FUNCTION WELL. Did you know the brain functions best when it gets a regular influx of nutrients and glucose from a variety of foods? Furthermore, a balanced diet including foods that support gut health can improve bowel function, stress resistance, and mood. TEACHES YOU HOW TO FEED IN POSITIVE WAYS SO YOUR CHILD DEVELOPS A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD, WHILE YOU SIDE STEP THE DRAMA. Children with ADHD may be dealing with other challenges that affect their day to day function, such as lack of appetite, constipation, sensory challenges, food aversion, and sleep issues. They can also have emotional ups and downs and mood swings. These can make feeding the child with ADHD more difficult. FOCUSES ON BUILDING YOUR TOOLBOX OF STRATEGIES SO WHEN YOU’RE STUCK, YOU CAN EASILY SWITCH TACTICS. No child is a robot. Translated: They change, almost on the daily. And because of this, you need to be on your toes with a full toolbox of strategies from which you can easily implement. 

Yes! This is EXACTLY what I need!

“After taking the Nutrition for Kids with ADHD course I feel much more educated and confident! I had been feeling stressed out and inadequate about how I was parenting & feeding my family with our busy schedule and the added complexities of having an ADHD child in competitive sports. I appreciate Jill’s blend of personal experience, up-to-date scientific research, and clinical expertise and experience with clients having similar issues. I now have a solid plan in place that includes feeding our entire family and advocating for my child at the pediatrician.” ~ Karla R., Minneapolis 

Here’s how The ADHD Diet for Kids breaks down: 

Module One Eating with ADHD 

As the name suggests, in this module, you’ll give your complete focus to food and nutrients. Specifically, what your child is eating, what he should be eating, and how to strategize a path to better nutrition.  

  • You’ll review the common growth and nutrition challenges associated with ADHD and why they occur so you can anticipate trouble before it begins – or reverse it if you’re in the thick of it. You'll learn more about why your child frequently makes poor food choices.
  • You’ll learn the latest science about the nutritional requirements for kids with ADHD and the specific nutrients and additives that may need to be addressed so you can nourish your child strategically for better attention, behavior, learning and growth.
  • You’ll be able to determine if your child has additional food sensitivities, and what you can do about them.
  • You’ll get specific ways to improve food selection, provide better diet balance, and understand when and why to use nutrient supplementation. 

The module breaks down into the following lessons:  

Lesson 1: Growth & Nutrition Challenges with ADHD Lesson 2: Nutrition for ADHD Lesson 3: Sugar & Additives and ADHD Lesson 4: Improving Nutrition with a Healthy ADHD Diet 

Module Two Feeding Kids with ADHD 

Here, the focus is on the day-to-day grind of feeding your child. From setting limits and positive feeding strategies to navigating special diets and tailoring your feeding approach, by the end of this module you’ll have:

  • An understanding of why your child’s appetite is erratic and how you can manage it so that your child eats enough and with regularity. 
  • Learn about negative feeding practices so you can avoid them (because they often make things worse). You’ll also understand how to feed with love and limits so you can train your child to regulate his appetite and eating.
  • My strategy for feeding kids and how to implement it so your child eats better, is calmer at the table, and develops a positive relationship with food. You’ll even learn how to introduce new foods without turning your child off.
  • A handle on all those special diets: Elimination, Feingold, gluten-free, and more. You’ll get the lowdown on these and determine whether these are good options for your child.

Here are the lessons you can expect in Module Two: Lesson 1: The Ups and Downs of Eating Lesson 2: What is Food Parenting? Lesson 3: Feeding for Success Lesson 4: Special Diets 

Module Three Common Challenges & How to Reverse Them

Designed to help you troubleshoot the most common food, feeding and nutritional problems, you’ll tackle challenges you can solve with food, those you can solve through strategic feeding, and the challenges you can solve with a combination of both food and feeding. 

  • You’ll learn how to solve weight problems and nutrient deficiencies using a food-based solution, and know whether supplements are needed (and which ones are best).
  • Navigate the “no appetite” problem with effective feeding schedules, and troubleshoot the child who “eats all the time but doesn’t gain weight” with creative solutions that work.
  • Solve bad eating habits such as constant eating or overeating unhealthy foods with easy-to-adapt boundaries your child will understand.
  • You’ll learn how to turn the constant snacker and the junk food junkie into healthier eaters, while setting up a strategy to get the pickiest kids eating new foods and the supplement-dependent child transitioned over to real food. 

Module Three breaks down into the following lessons:  

Lesson 1: Challenges You Can Solve with Food Lesson 2: Challenges You Can Solve with Feeding Lesson 3: Challenges You Can Solve with Food & Feeding  

Bonus Modules Real Life Stories & Gut Check: Helping Your Child Have a Healthy One 

In the bonus modules, you will experience real life stories of children with ADHD and my expert advice to move them forward. You’ll also learn about the importance of a functioning, healthy digestive system, including how to deal with constipation and the role of pre- and probiotics in a healthy gut.

Printable Materials and Books

In addition to the modules and bonus trainings, you will get audio recordings with experts in the field, over 25 printable worksheets and guides, and two e-books to further support your learning and progress.

The ADHD Diet for Kids program is for you if your child is…. 

  • Not hungry for hours and hours in the day (skipping one or two meals each day) 
  • Not gaining weight consistently
  • Not growing well, or as expected
  • Avoiding certain foods on a regular basis
  • Sensitive to the texture, smell, appearance, or other qualities of food
  • Triggered by food additives such as artificial food colors, preservatives or salicylates
  • Eating too many processed, fried or sweet foods
  • Gaining extra, unhealthy weight
  • Refusing to come to the table, or adds stress to meal times
  • Is very picky…and getting worse 

The ADHD Diet for Kids is the complete nutrition plan that addresses the whole child, inside and out. 

So what would it be worth to you and your child if...

  • In just 6 weeks, you got a comprehensive food plan that assures your child is getting the proper nutrients his brain needs to function well, while also covering the nutrition he needs to grow as expected?  
  • You had an effective feeding strategy that hit the right meal and snack timing, set loving limits around eating, and nurtured your child to try new foods without negative repercussions?  
  • You discovered -- and knew how to plan for -- eliminating the foods that disturb your child’s ability to pay attention, behave, and learn, while encouraging the foods that sustain your child in his everyday world?  
  • You could pinpoint deficiencies in your child’s diet and address them head on, so your child pays attention, learns, and is on an optimal path for health and well-being?  
  • You had confidence, know-how, and tools to navigate any nutrition challenge that comes your way? 

That’s the opportunity I want to introduce to you today.

“I truly enjoyed this course! It’s easy to listen to and packed with information and practical advice on how to help your child with ADHD meet their nutritional needs. My daughter with ADHD definitely suffers from a poor diet and I’m hoping to take what I’ve learned from Jill and apply it to my feeding practice in order to improve her overall nutrition and functioning.” ~ Erin, NJ  

“This course has been fabulous! Jill’s knowledge is amazing and so helpful. The ADHD Diet for Kids program is laid it out in such an easy to follow and understand way. There’s so much valuable information and I thank you so much, Jill, for having this course!” ~ Christy M. 

“Jill Castle’s ADHD nutrition program for kids provides an excellent resource for parents looking for knowledge on what and how to feed their children, as well as behavioral strategies for parents and children and many relatable real-life examples. Upon completion of this course, parents will have many resources to guide them and refer back to as their children grow and if their medications/diets change.” ~ Happy Mom of 4, Theresa D.  

Join The ADHD Diet for Kids today and get…

The Full ADHD Diet for Kids Program (a $2247 Value) 

You’ll get access to all 4 modules, cheat sheets, resource guides, check lists, e-books, audio lessons, and every tool you need to efficiently nourish your whole child with confidence and ease.

  • Leverage the best food sources of nutrients for your child and determine the right supplements should your child need them.  
  • Develop the skills and techniques for positive feeding (and avoid the negative feeding traps) so that your child is calm and pleasant at mealtimes.  
  • Hone your navigation skills to troubleshoot tricky nutrition challenges with proven techniques, while minimizing frustration, stress, and undesirable eating habits.  
  • Gain confidence and knowledge quickly so you can turn around any negative nutrition habit and deter issues with growth, behavior and learning.  
  • Get a library of solid, science-based resources – all in one place and ready for you when you need them.  

Here's what's included...

  • Access to The ADHD Diet for Kids Core Content...valued at $1997  
  • Ongoing Private Facebook Group...........................valued at $97 
  • Try New Food Book .................................................valued at $7 
  • The Healthy Snack Planner for Kids.......................valued at $7 
  • Checklists, Cheat Sheets, and Guides....................valued at $139

If you add that up, it's a value of $2247!

But, because I’m so excited to support you and welcome you to a fresh, new way of nourishing your child with ADHD (and thus, improve your child’s health, focus, behavior and learning…), I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in The ADHD Diet for Kids at the special promo price of just… 


What Others Have Asked before Diving in to The ADHD Diet for Kids:  

Will this work for my picky eater?  

Picky eating is widely variable in children with ADHD. Some children are slightly picky while others may be extremely picky. This program will help you identify positive actions you can take to ease the interactions with your child and help him be exposed to a variety of foods. In cases of extreme picky eating, additional professional help may be needed.  

Will this nutrition plan help my child get off medications?  

For children under age 6, behavior management is the recommended course of action. After age 6, medication management is the recognized beneficial course of treatment for many kids. Although a nutritious diet may optimize the effectiveness of your child’s medications, it is not likely it will replace them in the management of your child’s ADHD. In general, nutrition has not been shown to replace medications for ADHD. If you have concerns about your child’s medications or ADHD management, please consult your primary healthcare provider.  

Will it help my child build up his appetite?  

Combining nutritious foods with a feeding structure and schedule can train your child’s body to routinely send signals to the brain and tummy that it needs to eat. Normalizing appetite cues can help build your child’s appetite.  

Is this a wacky diet?  

No. Not at all. This is a system and strategy for feeding your child using real food and positive feeding strategies. While I cover the different dietary approaches for ADHD, I don’t advocate them for every child. You can take the information in this program and pick and choose what is best for your unique child, based on your situation.  

Why can’t I just do a google search and learn that way?  

You certainly can do a google search and learn! There are drawbacks to this approach, however. First, it takes time to gather everything you need to know because you will have to patch things together from different sources. My program packages it all in one place for you. Second, you may find inaccurate information on the web. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of bogus, experimental, opinionated information that may not be steeped in the science. This can be unhelpful, and even harmful, to your child. My course starts with the science, and uses practical application of that science, turning it into interventions and strategies you can use.  

Is the ADHD Diet for Kids beneficial for the healthcare professional (ie, dietitian/nutritionist)?

Yes, The ADHD Diet for Kids is founded on the research and includes an extensive list of references and resources for the healthcare professional. Practical applications of the research are included with specific case scenarios and common challenges. For continuing education credits, we suggest using the Independent Study category (for Registered Dietitians) from the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

Is this better than a book on nutrition and ADHD?  

As an author myself, I know that much of what I have included in this program would be edited out due to space constraints in a printed book. In The ADHD Diet for Kids program, I’ve included many charts, lists and check lists that wouldn’t be possible to include in a book. While there are a few books available on this topic, none are as recent and up-to-date as this program or written by a pediatric dietitian who has had experience working with children with ADHD.  

How soon can I expect to see results?  

As soon as you finish the program and begin to implement my food system, feeding strategy and address any specific nutrition challenges, you are likely to see positive changes in your child. As with anything, the more consistent and persistent you are with your nutrition plan, the better results you will see.  

You Don’t Need to Wait until Things Get Ugly…  

You don’t need to wait until your child is losing weight.  

You don’t need to accept frustration and stress as the norm while you watch your child not eat and struggle with food.

You don’t need to wait until your child is diagnosed with a nutrient deficiency or becomes so picky you can’t see a way out.  

You don’t have to wait until food becomes an issue for your child…and your whole family.  

If you truly want to nourish your child well and maximize his learning potential, behavior, and nutritional status and growth, the ONLY permission you need to move forward is the permission you give yourself to be proactive about your nutrition knowledge so you can feed your child with confidence and joy…  

The ADHD Diet for Kids is perfect for you if… 

If you find yourself nodding in agreement to the following, then you are ready to enroll and master your ADHD child’s nutrition in the next 6 weeks

  • You have a child with ADHD and are working hard to feed him or her, but aren’t seeing a lot of payoff for your efforts.  
  • You know that nutrition is important for your child, but you’re spinning your wheels trying to patch together a nutrition plan from various resources.  
  • You truly feel (or fear) that nutrition (and the challenges that go along with it) is getting in the way of your child’s success in the classroom, his day-to-day mood and behavior, and his health.  
  • You know that the chaos and stress around feeding your child HAS to get better…or you’ll go nuts.  
  • You crave extra support and connection with other parents who are dealing with the same struggles (and who are striving for the same results).  
  • You’re ready to revamp your mindset, attitude and daily actions to better feed and HELP your child, but just as importantly, you’re SO ready to feel less stressed, more in tune with your child, and successful as a parent.  

So, if any of the above is your reality, I am ready to welcome you into The ADHD Diet for Kids program and reward your commitment with my nutrition and feeding approach for your ADHD child. 

Get Started Today

YES! I’m ready to give myself permission to take control of my child’s nutrition and feed him for better attention, behavior and growth! 

For only $297 you get:

  • Access to The ADHD Diet for Kids 
  • Private Facebook page 
  • Try New Food book
  • The Healthy Snack Planner for Kids 
  • Checklists, Cheat Sheets, and Guides  

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