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Childhood Nutrition Counselor

Jill Castle Childhood Nutritionist

Do You Need a Childhood Nutrition Counselor?

If you’re a parent or caretaker, you know healthy eating for kids in today’s world is not easy. In fact, what feels right and healthy for you doesn’t jive with what your kids want to eat, or even what they will eat.

Many parents today strive to focus on healthy eating for kids, but they get tripped up. Their intentions and desires don’t match up with their day to day reality.

Throw a real challenge into the mix like picky eating or overeating and things can get messy, emotional and frustrating.

Let’s face it: Healthy eating for kids is a challenge.

The picky eater in your family has sucked the life out of dinnertime.

The overeater is turning you into the food police.

The food “sneaker” is making you very worried…and a little bit too controlling.

The snack-a-holic is an unhealthy eater and never hungry for meals.

And what about the child who can’t say ‘no’ to sweets, or junky foods?

Or the teen who is trying his or her hand at dieting, vegetarianism, or simply trying to be the best athlete possible?

Perhaps you’re just getting started with feeding kids and you want to know how to start solids, what to do if picky eating turns up, and the best approaches for raising a healthy eater.

Or, maybe you’re in the thick of a challenging situation, such as a medical condition, or a child who won’t eat properly.

And feeding that family of yours? Yeah, it can be a struggle.   

You want to make sure your child grows up healthy.

You put effort and importance on healthy eating for kids. And, let’s face it, that isn’t easy in today’s world!

I can help.

I am a registered dietitian (RD) specializing in pediatric nutrition and childhood nutrition counselor.

I can help you:

  • Navigate picky eating in positive, productive ways, and prevent you from making it worse
  • Calmly guide your overeater into greater mindfulness and self-regulation with eating
  • Set up a food system that will cure your child’s snacking syndrome, food sneaking, and more
  • Start off on the right food when selecting food and feeding your baby or young child
  • Ensure your child is nourished and satisfied after eating
  • Nourish your growing athlete while optimizing performance at the same time
  • Raise a healthy eater who lives in a healthy body and has a healthy relationship with food
  • Emphasize healthy eating for kids without going overboard
  • Do the job of feeding your child with thoughtfulness, direction and ease!

I offer both in person appointments in my New Canaan, CT office, as well as virtual consultation.

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In-Person Consultation

I provide private face-to-face nutrition counseling in my office in New Canaan, CT, by appointment only. 

“After I left your office, I went to Whole Foods and found all the brands/foods you had mentioned. Today, A. tried the So Delicious Coconut Yogurt and absolutely loved it! You gave me a user-friendly guide on how to feed a child with food allergies! I can’t thank you enough!….1 month later…. I just wanted to let you know that A. had his 15 month appointment today, and the doctor is pleased with his weight gain! Thank you again for everything!” Jane L., mom from Fairfield, CT 

As a pediatric nutritionist with over 25 years of experience, I have a wide range of expertise, including the following areas:

  • Unhealthy, Extra Weight (Pediatric Overweight)
  • Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating
  • Picky Eating
  • Failure to Thrive/Underweight
  • Constipation, other GI disorders
  • Food Allergies, Celiac disease
  • Youth Sports Nutrition
  • Healthy Eating for Kids
  • And more!

Nutritional counseling for medical conditions is offered in collaboration with your healthcare provider. I offer medical nutrition therapy in my office under the privacy and guidelines of HIPAA.

Jill Castle - Childhood Nutrition Counselor - Healthy Eating for Kids

2018 Fees:

Initial appointment (60 min.): $250

Follow-up visit (40 min.): $150

**At this time, I do not take insurance, but will be glad to provide a detailed receipt for possible insurance reimbursement.**

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Virtual Mentoring 

I offer childhood nutrition and feeding mentoring via phone or HIPAA-compliant digital platform. The premise of nutrition mentoring is to teach, tailor and support you as you embark on improvements in feeding your family and facilitating healthy eating for your child. These calls are one hour in duration.

“I’m so grateful for Jill’s insights and support around teaching me, a food-challenged mom, how to have the right perspective, proportions, and choices to give my daughter and family a healthy relationship to food! Through multiple online sessions over the past three years, Jill’s nonjudgemental care and coaching has helped me relax and let go of the perfect meal. She is a wonderful problem-solver and I highly recommend her for nutritional guidance.” Elizabeth, mom of a preschooler

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I offer packages of appointments for those who want long-term accountability and support. Packages are available in 4, 6, 10 and 15 call groupings and offer a small discounted fee. Contact me for the details.

Group Classes

I also offer small group classes for interested parents located in Fairfield County. Perhaps you have a group of friends who are parenting young athletes or who want strategies for creating healthy meals and snacks. The best part about small group classes is that they are interactive, your questions are answered, and you get the support and friendship of other moms who are muddling through the same stuff. Contact me for pricing and details. 


Payment is expected at the time of your in-person visit, and prior to your virtual appointment. I accept cash, check and all major credit cards via Square or PayPal. If you choose to schedule your own appointment, you will be prompted to pay for the appointment to secure your time. 

Feel free to contact me at or call 615-943-1960.