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“Sometimes just one ‘byte’ of information is all it takes to help a family take childhood nutrition on a new, positive direction.”

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As a childhood nutrition blogger, I started my little childhood nutrition blog so that I could share my creative ideas (and vent my frustrations). My blog, Just the Right Byte, has turned into a well-respected resource amongst parents and professionals. 

Just the Right Byte began in late 2009. More than seven years and hundreds of posts later, Just The Right Byte continues to be a resource for parents, nutrition and medical professionals and has evolved to include multiple education materials, The Kids Healthy Weight Project e-course, and The Nourished Child podcast, whereby parents can learn on their own, and at their own pace.

As a childhood nutrition blogger, my first goal is to keep readers informed about trending childhood nutrition topics and answer their burning questions. Secondly, I cover the real life challenges of feeding kids. As a working mom, I know firsthand how difficult it is to get meals on the table. You can count on a recipe or two along the way plus plenty of advice for making it all work. And, if you want print-ables, I’ve got a lot of them.

Jill Castle child nutritionist

I review products, serve up meal ideas on The Dinner Bar, and investigate important topics, like obesity, eating disorders, picky eating, and growth issues. I keep advice evidence-based, simple and practical, giving readers just the right amount of information to be successful, not stuck and overwhelmed.

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