Your Child Won't Try New Food. You're Frustrated.
Your Child is Stuck. What Next?

Got a New Eater, Picky Eater, or Extreme Picky Eater?  

Learn what it takes to help your child
taste, eat, & like new food.

TRY NEW FOOD will help you:

Quickly learn what you need to do to help your child overcome fear, resistance, and food refusal, while helping your child try new food, no matter what kind of eater he is.

END the negative cycle of begging your child to eat and learn HOW to work with your child at his or her pace.

You Will Learn:

  • Which feeding tactics cause the most problems for your child
  • What strategies work best to help your child try new food
  • How to introduce new food, including how to set up the feeding environment, how to encourage a willingness to try new food, and techniques for the pickiest of eaters
  • The step-by-step system I use for my own clients
  • What NOT to do when introducing new food to any child


 As a childhood nutrition expert, this e-book showcases my professional experience with introducing new food to kids, whether picky or not. It covers the best, most positive & productive practices to help your child move forward with eating a variety of foods.
After all, eating a variety of food is the quickest path
to health and optimal growth!
My resources and printables will help you methodically introduce new food and help your child get to the next level of eating. 
My strategies help ALL children warm up to healthy food and encourage them to be healthy eaters.

“Jill Castle’s newest e-book “Try New Foods” is an excellent guide for parents. With clear explanations of the reasons behind her approach, she gives practical tips and how-to’s to help all parents make introducing new foods to their little ones simpler and less worrisome. There are also excellent resources listed for families who might need some extra help, as well as colorful printables to hang on your fridge. I will certainly be recommending this e-book to my clients.”
Katja Leccisi, MS, RDN, author of “How to Feed Your Kids: Four Steps to Raiding Healthy Eaters” and “Questions and Answers About Your Baby’s First Foods”