Just The Right Byte empowers parents to become better feeders, so they raise great eaters. I do this through science-based nutrition information, provided in a real, practical format. Whether you’re dealing with picky eating, an eating disorder or wanting to know what (and what not) to feed your child, I make it easy for parents to understand food, feeding and child development in a simple way.

Just The Right Byte is for the parent who is looking for a reliable and thoughtful voice when it comes to facing the nutrition challenges of raising a family. I’m here to answer your common questions, allay your fears, provide solutions, and help you figure out the next nutrition steps with your child.

Just The Right Byte is just the right amount of reliable nutrition information for kids and their families–  simple explanations to help families understand nutrition and their children, and simple solutions for real life.

Welcome to Just The Right Byte, where I’ll help you become a better feeder so that you can raise a great eater.