The Kids Healthy Weight Project WORKBOOK

Food preferences, eating tendencies, and lifestyle habits start early...and they can influence your child's health, relationship with food, and weight later on.

Learn what it takes to raise a healthy child who has a healthy weight, a healthy relationship with food, and who eats nutritious food!

This workbook contains the essentials: a food system, feeding strategy and lifestyle infrastructure every child needs to grow up nourished and healthy.

Think of this workbook as your step-by-step guide complete with background information, worksheets, tip sheets and trouble-shooting advice to make it happen.

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The Kids Healthy Weight Project WORKBOOK contains the nuts and bolts of
nutrition, feeding, and healthy habits for kids aged 4 to 14 years.
Sound, research-based advice including worksheets and homework
to help jumpstart your master food and feeding plan

A Book For Every Parent

The Kids Healthy Weight Project WORKBOOK helps every parent be better at the job of feeding and nourishing their child. Culled from over 25 years of experience in pediatric nutrition and the current research in healthy feeding and weight management, the KHWP Workbook helps you renovate your current food and feeding plan. This workbook is based on my premium e-course, The Kids Healthy Weight Project.

A Book Based On Research

As a childhood nutrition expert who has worked with thousands of families, the KHWP Workbook boils down the essential information you need about food, feeding, and healthy habits for your child.
No diets. No weight bias. I help you start where you are, evaluate yourself and your child, and put into place the food, feeding and lifestyle habits that have been proven effective in the research.
Food lists, sample meal plans and more--at your fingertips!

A Word From The Author

“Every parent who wants to raise a healthy child with a healthy weight and a healthy relationship with food needs a system and a strategy. I take you through the steps to make that happen. This workbook will mold (or re-mold) your overall feeding approach and nutrition plan to a new level.”