7 Eating Rules for Children that Need to Go Away

7 Eating Rules

We all have mealtime rules for our children. These rules are supposed to keep the meal organized, pleasant, and healthy.  However, some eating rules really aren’t that healthy at all. In fact, a myriad of unhealthy eating rules reign at many […]

9 Simple, Non-Diet Weight Loss Tips for Kids and Teens

Non-Diet Weight Loss Tips for Kids &

You have a dilemma. You notice your child or teen has gained a few extra pounds. Maybe he’s not as active as he used to be, or maybe she is off-season in her sport. Maybe you notice an uptick in […]

Fit from the Start & Hungry for Love Book Review (& Giveaway)

Book Reviews & Giveaway

Who wouldn’t want their child to be fit from the start? Not hungry for love? Isn’t that what we’re all working toward in raising and feeding our children–kids who are healthy eaters and satisfied, physically and emotionally? I’ve ben cleaning up […]