Homemade Soda

We all know that children should cut back on soda, for the reasons I discuss here. Even lemonade, sweet tea and juice drinks can be problematic if your child drinks more than 12 ounces a day!

But what if children aren’t satisfied with plain water as a substitute? Homemade soda may be the answer you’re looking for.

I’ve come up with some “homemade soda” ideas for the families I work with, to help them transition away from relying on soda and other sweetened beverages too much, and I’m sharing them with you!

You will see a theme emerging as you read on–substitute your child’s favorite juice, bubbly or plain water and/or fruit to create your own healthy version of soda.

Homemade Grape Soda

1-2 ounces of 100% Grape Juice

8-12 ounces of sparkling water (I used Pellegrino)


Homemade Cherry Soda

1-2 ounces of Cherry Juice

8-10 ounces sparkling water


5-6 whole, fresh cherries (optional)

Homemade Mandarin Orange Soda

1 baby mandarin orange, cut in half and juice squeezed into glass

8-12 ounces of sparkling water


Homemade Citrus Soda

Orange, lemon, lime slices

8-12 ounces of seltzer water (I used Polar Seltzer)


Homemade Red Berry Soda

Strawberries, sliced


8-12 ounces Lemon Seltzer water


I think you get the idea! Use bubbly water (I don’t use Club soda as it does have a significant amount of calories) or plain–whatever suits your child’s taste buds. This is a simple, healthy alternative to soda and not nearly the calorie or sugar impact. So, if your cutting back, try these stand-ins and see if your child likes them! And let the creativity blossom–kids go crazy with this idea, and it feeds right into their desire to create in the kitchen!

Hey look! They like it!!

What other substitutes do you use for soda or sugar-sweetened beverages?


  1. Meredith says

    Hi! I have been enjoying Switch, a carbonated 100% juice drink. I have been wondering whether I could buy a soda making machine and carbonate juice at home. Do you have any experience with that?

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