12 Resolutions for 2012

I, just like many of you, am a work in progress— as a mother, a spouse, a parent, a child nutritionist and a family feeder. So, I have resolutions too.

Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Make whole wheat bread at least twice weekly (I have gotten a little off track with bread-making..so time to get back on routine).
  2. Eat salad (plus protein) for lunch more often.
  3. Stay off sugar and cream in my coffee (I’m off and want to stay that way–it’s a tenuous situation, though).
  4. Exercise 5-6 days each week (walking, lifting weights, running, gym workouts, yoga, hiking, yard work are all fair game). Exercise helps with my creativity, my stress level, and obviously my fitness.
  5. Make kale chips (this has been on my “to do” list for quite some time).
  6. Bake more ( I want to make muffins, new cookie flavors and try my hand at pie–pie is new territory for me).
  7. Assign the dinner task to one teen each week (I have 2 options here); help her as needed, but emphasis will be on her role as main cook. (I may even get some good blog posts out of this endeavor!)
  8. Entertain more. Work, writing and holding everything family, business, book and blog together has crowded out entertaining–and I’m a social gal! This will feel good and create more balance for me.
  9. Be better about getting fish into our family meal plan at least once per week (twice would be great).
  10. Keep getting up very early to write Fearless Feeding (it’s the only protected time during the day I have).
  11. Stay balanced, objective, fair and engaged with everyone I encounter, what I write about and the work I do.
  12. Be a role model for health, wellness and parenting.
I hope I can stay the course with my list of personal improvements over the next year. Writing this down will give me a reminder, for sure.
What will you be working on in 2012?
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