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Today is our 100th post. WOW. A childhood nutrition blog that’s well on its way!

From the first post, A Blog Is Born, to the very recent series on parent feeding practices, Just The Right Byte has come a long way. When I started this blog, I was confident that I would have plenty to write about, but like most writers/bloggers, I have had my ups and downs.

My aim was to bring my opinions and experience to the table, and selfishly, practice my writing skills too. I also thought that I would stay away from menus and recipe ideas…but somehow they crept in.

Just The Right Byte has evolved over the last almost 2 years to a blog that offers a variety of posts on child nutrition, from mini-blog series on childhood obesity, eating disorders and child development to family-friendly recipes, The Dinner Bar and the Consumer Corner.

I’d like to share what have I learned from Just The Right Byte.

Passion leads. Passion for kids and nutrition keeps me going when there’s a dry spell. No doubt, remembering that children and family, nutrition, and meaningful family relations are the drivers of my writing helps me stay grounded and focused on keeping JTRB fresh and relevant for you.

It’s not about eating, it’s about feeding.  News headlines and trends focus on food as the cure for the world’s child nutrition problems, and while we cannot forget food as part of the equation, it is simply that–just a part of the equation. The bigger, and more important concept is feeding: the relationship and interaction of the parent and child around food, the food itself and the individual personality and developmental phases of childhood. Having a handle on all of these is what will get the job of raising healthy kids done.

Parents and families need more information and education about child nutrition. While it is easy to assume that there is plenty of information out there, it is clear to me that families still need more. The information highway moves at a fast pace, and parents find it challenging to keep up (even I do!). Helping families understand and use the emerging nutrition information in our world is important to the health of our nation’s youngest.

People love to read about food and recipes!  I post what works for my family (a big family of 6) –simple, fast and healthy recipes. Nothing too glamorous or involved–heck, I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands anymore. Healthy meals at the family table is one priority I don’t skimp out on…after all, it’s one of the most important ways I connect with my kids each day.

So, what can you expect from Just The Right Byte in the future?

A Re-Do. If you haven’t noticed, we were just renovated….green bubbles and all (actually, all of my websites were re-done). I hope you like the new and improved JTRB and are able to find the topics you want to read about with greater ease. 

Independent thinking. I’ve been told that one of my strengths is my independence…and I continue to rely on that here. I will help you understand the core concepts and latest news in child nutrition (with reflections of my own opinions, of course) and with a bent toward feeding children.

More Stories, Guest Posts and Give-Aways. If you’d like to submit your family stories or be a featured guest blogger, let me know. And watch for give-aways–I may try my hand at one or two.

The JTRB Child Nutrition Advocate Network. As part of the blog upgrade, we have developed a badge that unifies fellow bloggers who write about child and family nutrition, who are committed to improving child nutrition and/or who advocate for child nutrition in some way, shape or form. There are no fees, obligations or committments with this Network, just a little badge that states your advocacy for the betterment of child nutrition. Feel free to include it on your website.

And last but not least…a big THANK YOU to all of my loyal readers! Whether you know it or not, you keep me motivated and excited to write for you.

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