The Art of Feeding

feeding well begins early

Feeding is an art.   Doing it well is a challenge.  And it is something most of us, as parents, are not trained to do, just something we plunge into with barely time to come up for air and ask, “Are we doing this right?”

We are feeders from the moment our child is born.  In deciding to breast-feed or bottle feed, we make our very first feeding decision.  We determine how much–on demand vs. on a schedule, 3 ounces vs. 4 ounces—the decisions are at every corner, and looming.  These choices can consume our thoughts, make us race to the web to get the latest opinion, and confer with friends to discuss our options —because we know in our hearts that these ARE important choices—and we want to do the very best for our child.

Around every milestone, we are faced with another cornerstone decision.  Should I make my baby food?  Or use organic?  Should I avoid sweets?  For how long?  Is it OK to have dessert every night?  How much is too much?  How about fast food–we are just so busy–is it OK?  We hardly see each other during the week–how many times did you say we should eat together?  As the world turns, the decisions are made, day after day, sometimes with great consideration, and sometimes on a whim.

Feeding really matters.  It is an art to have your kitchen stocked with healthy food, an art to prepare a meal that satisfies all palates, an art to introduce varied and ethnic foods, and an art to raise healthy kids in a confusing, diet-obsessed world.  Every decision about feeding counts.

Feeding is an art.  Pay attention to those feeding decisions–they ARE important.  If you need more information–seek to be educated.  Just as an artist practices her craft, day in and day out, so must a feeder.  Creating, perfecting, re-vamping, eliminating–not perfectly perfect, but close enough.  If you practice and become a great feeder, you will create a wonderful masterpiece eater!


  1. Kate Loman RD says

    What a well-written blog and great ‘food for thought’! Can I share with my “Quick and Healthy Meals’ presentation this week?

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